Just Do It: Nike

The brand Nike is really impactful in my life. From teaching dance, coaching dance and exercising on a daily basis, I am constantly in Nike. Sports bras, shoes, socks, pants, shirts, you name it- I own it. Nike is a great brand for many reasons.
First, Nike’s brand image is something I relate well to. Nike is modern. Nike is clean cut and always looking for ways to rejuvenate their look. Secondly, Nike carries to many sports and people. Men, women, and kids are all covered within the Nike brand. It can be a family brand for anyone to shop at. Also, I love how Nike branches off to having Nike outlets and sales. This brand tends to get expensive, especially for a broke college student like myself, so I love when I can find a great deal at the outlet store or in their sale items!
Going back to Nike being modern, this can easily be found by visiting their website. (CLICK ME!) As you enter the website, you can instantly see that it is a chic brand. It is keeping up with the trends-colors, products, technology, etc. Nike also does a great job of presenting the latest product they offer.
A major thing that Nike is achieving is their trait of making anything customizable. This is awesome for people, like myself, that want something unique and different. I don’t want to have the same thing as everyone else-I want to be different. Nike definitely makes this possibly!
However, one thing Nike can improve on, personally, is to target more dancers, yoga doers, and Pilate’s doers. These people are just as much of an athlete as a soccer player or a baseball player. I know that Nike has started to make more items and products geared towards these genres of activities, but if they started their own line for specifically the dancer, I for one would be buying in bulk!

Nike is a great brand and a great brand to buy for your athletic life. In the words of this brand-Just do it!


Christmas time is my favorite time to have fun with red and green! For my next Mumu look, I got to pair up and take pictures with Haute OffThe Rack blogger-Jennifer Palpallatoc. We had a blast! SMYM gave me the Carolyn Collared Shirt and from there I had to create a night and day outfit. For my day outfit, I decided on keeping it very casual- think “motor chic”. To make it comfy, I chose my really loose boyfriend jeans from Gap. With those, combat boots were the way to go to give it the “motor” feel.  Tying in my day look, I kept it really simple with just my sunnies and light jewelry.
For my night look, I wanted to go really seasonal. I paired the shirt with my dark green Princess Di Ballgown. This skirt is a great basic, believe or not, because this color goes with so many fall/winter colors. Wanting to make my outfit more “wintery”, I added a leather jacket (THANKS CAITLIN). The leather jacket ties in the whole “motor chic” I wanted to keep with the project. Adding my red heels made it a perfect holiday look too! Red and green make for a pretty contrast when done correctly, so be bold and try it this holiday season!

xoxo, Samantha


           I’m back! Let’s welcome December and celebrate finally being done with finals, shall we? Bringing in the holiday season, I want to talk about the oh-so-fabulous Show Me Your Mumu. Let me start off by explaining this great collaboration I got to do with an amazing photographer (CHECK OUT CAITLIN BARRY HERE!) and SMYM. The Mumu girls took a road trip across the south to bid the summer farewell and, luckily for me, their last stop was Baton Rouge!

            For the collaboration, bloggers let us transform an outfit of their choice; from a day look to a night one. They chose the “Dorian Collared Dress- Lil Poppy”. I immediately turned to my high-waist jean shorts and tucked in my “Estella TopSlip-BlackSilky Satin” (great basic to own for any occasion!). Paired with my combat boots, this made the perfect day look. Of course, the right accessories are essential; I stacked my beaded bracelets and threw on a long cross necklace. With this dress, I wanted to make the transition to my night look effortless. I lost the shorts, let the slip become a dress, and added some fabulous red heels. These red heels are one of the hottest items in my closet right now. Oh, and get this, they are from TARGET; what a steal (ha ha!) To finish off this evening look, I swapped my cross necklace with a simple gold one, and let the cape do the rest.
            These looks are perfect to bring in the winter season! Don’t be afraid to be bold with your shoes or your outfits this holiday!
xoxo, Samantha


Hi my little coffeebeans! I am finally out of hiding... I promise I didn't forget about my blog. Life is just crazy with school, work and new projects brewin'! Once I get a weekend to sit down, I will catch you up on all things new. By the way, be on the look out for a make over with The Blonde Brew! Until then, enjoy your October with some things I love trending this fall---hats, scarves, berry colored ANYTHING, kimonos and flare pants. Stay cozy!
xoxo, Samantha


Hello again! I want to show off one of my friend's (and classmate's) talents! Isabella Diaz has started turning her hobby into something she can sell to you guys... flower headbands! Both floral and the "bohemian/hippy" looks are really big trends right now, so what's better than putting the two together? Flower Hungry is an online shop where you can connect with your inner "flower-child" and find the headband that is perfect for you! 
The two looks I am wearing are "Flour Power" and "Wine and Cheese". Cute names, huh? I picked these two based on how opposite they are. "Flour Power" can be worn with anything, so it is the perfect go-to accessory to spice up any outfit. "Wine and Cheese" is a great transitional piece for the fall season. I tend to go for the deep colors in clothing, so I can match this one to most of my fall/winter items. I also picked these two different looks because they are two opposing styles. "Flour Power" is elastic, so it is easy to wrap around my head and go. "Wine and Cheese" is made out of leather strap. The tie option is nice to have that way you can adjust how loose you want the headband to be, and exactly where you want to wear it! (Another style tip: I wrapped "Wine and Cheese" around my wrist and tied it as a bracelet. So cute too!)
Floral and headbands will be perfect to wear in the fall and winter seasons. Just be careful when choosing your colors on the two options. These headbands can be a great extra "something" to give to an outfit. Wearing hats, scarves and other hair accessories can get to be boring... so why not try out a floral headband? Try out Flower Hungry!! Bella has a great deal on all headbands being only $10!!! Also, she provides many styles and colors. Don't forget football season is coming up- perfect way to root for your team! Thanks Bella for sharing your talents with me! I love what you are doing!
Be sure to check out her Etsy shop: Flower Hungry 
xoxo, Samantha

P.S. Be sure to check back to see what outfits I am wearing with these lovely things! 


Ahhh- Finally I am on a regular basis with posts! Now that I am back blogging, I wanted to try to spice things up. I feel like if I just keep showing different fashion looks, it can get a bit boring. So, I want to start something new for ya'll! Within the first week of every month, I am going to show a DIY. I love arts and crafts, but when you combine that with fashion... I love it even more! Now... I want to show off my "I LOVE NY" shirt. I made it! When I was in NYC this summer, I picked up one of these tourist shirts (because one can never have to many t-shirts, right?). With my collection of t-shirts (touristy, college, sports, dance etc.) I needed to find something different that I can do with them. I needed to change them up to match today's fashion. 

THANKS TO PINTEREST, (follow me!!!) i found the perfect DIY for all my old t-shirts. CLICK ON ME FOR INSTRUCTIONS I followed these instructions just like they are shown. I wish I had an up-close picture because after I followed the steps on how to cut the shirt, I grabbed sandpaper and buffed the letters and heart to give it a more "vintage" feel. I paired it with high-top converse and boyfriend jeans for a 90's look. I have been really into the 90's style: baggy, cropped, and bohemian. I really hope ya'll try this DIY out and give your t-shirts a make over! 

xoxo, Samantha 


Happy August my lovebugs! I am so excited to finally have some time to catch up with life and to BLOG! It really has been to long from my blog.. and to be honest, I have missed it so much. My month in California was an absolute dream. I never had so much fun in just one month! Working for Show Me Your Mumu, meeting new friends, and learning so much that I can take away with me made it the trip of a lifetime. I don't have enough space to type about how blessed I felt for this opportunity and my whole summer (thanks Mom and Dad!), but let's just say I have a full new wardrobe to style and post to you all (my suitcase home was over the weight limit- YIKES!) I just wanted to take the first of this month to welcome you (and myself haha) back to The Blonde Brew Blog! Great things are coming and I cannot wait to share. It feels good to be home and bloggin'!
xoxo, Samantha